Muang Ngoi, Laos;  Photo by: Mica Veloso

Hi! We’re Kat and Tanya, sisters and travel partners from the Philippines. Welcome to The Kat and Tanya Experience, a travel and lifestyle blog. We started this blog in 2014, when we decided to both quit our  jobs and travel with just our backpacks around South East Asia. The plan was to write while traveling but we found that too difficult as we were enjoying the moment and having too much fun to go online.


Sirdal, Norway

We discovered our love for traveling a few years ago starting with local trips and then some international trips around Asia. This passion for discovering new places is what inspired us to finally bite the bullet and drop everything to fulfill a dream. Two years after our epic trip, we have been to more countries and have had countless funny, stressful, crazy, magnificent and amazing experiences.


Mandalay, Myanmar; Photo by: Mica Veloso

Now, Kat is back in Manila and busy with her voice acting gigs. You may recognize her voice from various telenovas dubbed in English. She is the clumsier of us two and it’s not unlikely that you will see her falling off a boat, stumbling out of a tuk tuk or losing a phone or camera somewhere. Love you, Kat!


Pai, Thailand; Photo by: Mica Veloso

As for me, I married the love of my life and is now navigating my way through a whole new world here in Norway. Aside from my travel experiences, I’ll be sharing with you my new life here and the struggles of moving to a new country. I also have a penchant for anything food-related, so watch out for some food and recipe posts.


Bagan, Myanmar


Our blog is named “The Kat and Tanya Experience” because we want to share with you how we’ve experienced each place that we’ve been to. We do not claim to be travel experts in any way and we know that someone else’s experience can be totally different from ours. We only hope that what we share here will help you plan and make the most out of your travel experience. Also, to avoid the kind of travel mishaps we’ve had. (Oh, we’ve had many!)


Coron, Philippines

So, there you go! Hope you enjoy reading our stories, tips and travel guides. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on our posts or send us an email. You may also follow us on Instagram to view our photos and please like our Facebook Page for daily updates. Lastly, if you want to see us in action, follow us on YouTube for our travel videos. Thank you for stopping by and happy travels!!!  

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