Countdown to Freedom!

30 days until our South East Asian experience as of posting! Crunch time to gather for funds and trip planning! Our dream has finally been planted and there’s no stopping now. So when did this all start? Well, we’ve been doing little trips locally and abroad for years now but it only lasted for days and weeks. We were inspired by travellers and friends whom we’ve met along the way who’s been doing it for months, for some, even years and how it was so life changing for them. There are risks along the way in terms of leaving our careers and not enough funds to go on with it. But somehow we just booked our tickets early this year armed with the gusto to really do it this time. First stop on our backpacking trip would be Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, a vibrant modern city with the mix of the old charm. We can’t wait for the enthralling adventures and endless craziness along the way! So follow Kat and Tanya’s experience as we write our stories on the road. We’re on a shoestring budget and we’ll be posting tips for your future travels and we’ll be adding tabs for specific countries along the way. So as for you readers, just go and explore because in the end it doesn’t really matter how long and where you travel, it’s the people and moments you experience along the way. As Mark Twain had once written, “Explore, Dream and Discover”. 🙂

– Kat and Tanya

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